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5 min readDec 11, 2023

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How and Where to find your Ideal Clients in the End-of-Life Services

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Back in the early 2000s when businesses were clamouring to set up a presence on the Internet, I moonlighted as a web designer to supplement my income as a teacher. I learned HTML, created a business card, and offered my services to anyone and everyone. Despite the Internet frenzy, I found clients that I liked working with hard to find. One day, one of my clients, the head of a letting agency, asked me who my “ideal clients” were. I shot him a puzzled look. “Everyone . . . anyone,” I said, “I’m not fussy.”

“You should be,” he said and went on to educate me about why I shouldn’t say “yes” to everyone and anyone and explained that I should have a vision of the kind of client I’d like to work with. “When you have a vision,” he explained, “you will attract them.” He also encouraged me to raise my prices.

He was right. In time, I created a profile of the kind of client I wanted to work with: small business owners who paid on time, who didn’t argue with my price, who enjoyed serving their community, and whose business practices I felt were ethical and authentic. And to my surprise (though not his) they began to manifest.

“Ideal clients” refers to the specific individuals or organizations that align perfectly with the services or products you…

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