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End-of Life Planning

One day, we will all stumble and need help.

Be the one who lends a helping hand.

Illustration by Michael Williams using Midjourney

The other day I went for my morning walk. As I stood at the intersection waiting for the light to change, a teenage boy stepped up beside me on his way to school. When I stepped off the curb I stumbled. The boy instinctively reached out to help me. Thanks to him, I didn’t injure myself except for my wounded pride.

This boy’s instinctive act reaffirmed for me that we all have that innate quality to help others even when we don’t know them.

That’s why I trained as a Before I Go Solutions End-of-Life Planning Facilitator. I wanted to help others. I’ve seen the anguish and disruption caused when someone dies without plans in place. If my parents had talked to me about dying and death and shared their wishes, I could have helped them have a more peaceful experience. If my father had made funeral plans, my grieving stepmother would not have been subjected to the unnecessary upselling at the funeral home. Fortunately, she had her stepson there to help her make a more prudent decision about purchasing a more modestly-priced coffin.

During times of grief, we need support instead of the forced isolation and alienation that is often our experience. We sometimes forget to know how to help.

An End-of-Life Planning Facilitator calls on your innate desire to help others make preparations for the inevitable “stumble” we will all make eventually. Our mortality is a natural part of life. It’s not a time to face it alone — as many had to during COVID — but rather enter into it with the help of others.

If your natural desire to help others needs an outlet, consider becoming a Before I Go Solutions End-of-Life Planning Facilitator. You not only help yourself and your family by completing your own end-of-life plan but you will also gain the skills, knowledge, resources, and support to help others make their plans.

It’s not too late to start.

We have a Facilitator training programme beginning on Tuesday September 12th. Over the following three months, you will have access to our online curriculum and resources. You will also join weekly coaching sessions and meet others like you who want to help. At the end of the…



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